Employer Diff

Non-matching post titles with similarity percentages:
"Martin Automatic Inc","98%","Martin Automatic Inc."
"Crowely Independent School District","98%","Crowley Independent School District"
"LifeServices Assisted Living","97%","LiveServices Assisted Living"
"SafeStreets USA","97%","Safe Streets USA"
"REBCO Inc.","96%","REBCO, Inc."
"R. T. Moore","96%","R.T. Moore"
"Solidarity HealthShare","96%","Solidarity Healthshare"
"Vangaurd National Trailer","96%","Vanguard National Trailer"
"The Quikrete Companies","96%","The Quikrete® Companies"
"SKC Inc.","95%","SKC, Inc."
"Shepherd Material Science Company","95%","The Shepherd Material Science Company"
"TrueNorth Companies, L.C.","94%","TrueNorth Companies, LLC"
"Ernest N. Morial Convention Center-EMCC","94%","Ernest N. Morial Convention Center"
"American Tinning & Galvanizing","93%","American Tinning & Galvanizing"
"Airbase-Lomax Carpet & Tile Mart","93%","Airbase-Lomax Carpet & Tile Mart"
"Northwood Health Systems Inc","93%","Northwood Health Systems"
"Crescent Parts & Equipment","92%","Crescent Parts & Equipment"
"IAFF Health & Wellness Trust","92%","IAFF Health & Wellness Trust"
"Syringa Hospital & Clinics","92%","Syringa Hospital & Clinics"
"Louisiana Machinery Company, LLC","92%","Louisiana Machinery Company"
"Lifespace Communities Inc","92%","Lifespace Communities"
"C&E Advanced Technologies","91%","C&E Advanced Technologies"
"U.S. Retirement & Benefits Partners","91%","US Retirement & Benefits Partners"
"Consolidated Employer Services, Inc.","91%","Consolidated Employer Services"
"Clay Electric Cooperative Inc","91%","Clay Electric Cooperative"
"Walker River Paiute Tribe- PRC","91%","Walker River Paiute Tribe"
"South King Fire & Rescue","91%","South King Fire & Rescue"
"Mission Based Health Benefits, Inc.","91%","Mission Based Health Benefits, Inc. (MBHB)"
"C & K Industrial Services","91%","C & K Industrial Services"
"Thompson Truck & Trailer","91%","Thompson Truck & Trailer"
"Corry Manufacturing Company","90%","Corry Manufacturing Company (CMC)"
"Wasatch Property Management, Inc.","90%","Wasatch Property Management"
"Goodwill of Central and Southern Indiana","90%","Goodwill of Central & Southern Indiana"
"RDG Planning & Design","90%","RDG Planning & Design"
"Bedford Machine & Tool","90%","Bedford Machine & Tool"
"Acument Global Technologies, Inc.","90%","Acument Global Technologies"
"Superior Tire & Rubber Corp.","89%","Superior Tire & Rubber Cop"
"Harkins Builders Inc","89%","Harkins Builders"
"Pathologists' Regional Laboratory","89%","Pathologists’ Regional Laboratory"
"IPEG Inc","89%","IPEG, Inc."
"Lanier Law Firm","89%","The Lanier Law Firm"
"Johnson Welded Products, Inc.","89%","Johnson Welded Products"
"Inter-Tech Supplies Inc.","89%","Inter-Tech Supplies"
"City of Thornton","89%","The City of Thornton"
"Combustion Service & Equipment Co","89%","Combustion Service & Equipment"
"Oak Leaf Management Inc.","89%","Oak Leaf Management"
"Reynolds Services, Inc.","89%","Reynolds Services, Inc. (RSI)"
"JB Poindexter & Co","88%","JB Poindexter & Co"
"England-Thims & Miller","88%","England- Thims & Miller"
"Paul Miller Auto Group","88%","Paul Miller Group"
"CORE Electric Cooperative","88%","Clay Electric Cooperative"
"Fraley & Schilling","88%","Fraley & Schilling"
"Rukert Terminals Corp","87%","Rukert Terminals"
"The Chef's Warehouse, Inc.","87%","The Chef’s Warehouse, Inc."
"IMA Financial Group, Inc.","87%","IMA Financial Group"
"Lind's Plumbing and Heating","87%","Lind’s Plumbing and Heating"
"Beard Construction","86%","Beard Construction Group"
"City of Middletown, Ohio","86%","City of Middletown"
"McAngus Goudelock and Courie","85%","McAngus Goudelock & Courie"
"DeWaard & Bode","85%","DeWaard & Bode"
"C&J Industries","85%","C&J Industries"
"Nielsen Benefits Group","85%","Nielsen Benefits"
"Heartland Farms, Inc.","84%","Heartland Farms"
"Yark Automotive","84%","Yark Automotive Group"
"Walker River Paiute Tribe-employees","84%","Walker River Paiute Tribe"
"DSI (Distributor Service, Inc.)","84%","Distributor Service, Inc. (DSI)"
"Koch & Co., Inc.","84%","Koch & Co.,Inc."
"Kalos Services, Inc.","83%","Kalos Services"
"Panhandle Eye Group","83%","Panhandle Eye Group, L.L.P."
"Willbanks and Associates","83%","Willbanks & Associates"
"G & J Pepsi","82%","G & J Pepsi"
"R&R Express","82%","R&R Express"
"Bill's Electric Inc.","81%","Bill’s Electric, Inc."
"Cory Tucker & Larrowe Inc.","81%","Cory Tucker & Larrowe"
"Four Oaks Family and Children's Services","81%","Four Oaks Family & Children’s Services"
"Hamilton Company Jewelers","81%","Hamilton Jewelers"
"Under Armour, Inc.","80%","Under Armour"
"Frost Management Company","80%","Frost Management"
"City of Brighton Colorado","79%","City of Brighton"
"Revere Plastics Systems","79%","Revere Plastics"
"Synthomer Inc.","79%","Synthomer"
"Gulf Coast Bank and Trust Co","79%","Gulf Coast Bank & Trust"
"Blacklick Valley School District","78%","Juniata Valley School District"
"City of Roswell, Georgia","77%","City of Roswell"
"Eastern Shipbuilding Group, Inc.","77%","Eastern Shipbuilding"
"Hickory Foods, Inc","77%","Goya Foods, Inc."
"Markey's Audio Visual Inc","77%","Markey’s Audio Visual"
"S&T Bank","77%","S&T Bank"
"AKRS Equipment","76%","Stotz Equipment"
"Skills of Central Pennsylvania","76%","Skills of Central PA"
"Bosque Disposal Systems","76%","Bosque Systems"
"Krause Group","75%","Jasper Group"
"MonoSol, LLC","74%","MonoSol"
"Von Tobel Corporation","74%","Alkon Corporation"
"Serrala Services","74%","Kalos Services"
"Visiting Nurse Association of Kansas City","74%","Visiting Nurse Association (VNA)"
"7-Eleven, Inc.","73%","7-Eleven"
"Visiting Nurse Association of Philadelphia","73%","Visiting Nurse Association (VNA)"
"Thombert, Inc.","73%","Thombert"
"Cambria Heights School District","72%","Summit School District"
"Penn Cambria School District","72%","Summit School District"
"Barr & Barr Inc","71%","Barr & Barr"
"Goetze's Candy Company","70%","Goetze’s Candy Co."
"Hylant Group","70%","Alera Group"
"Gig Harbor Firefighters Union","70%","Gig Harbor Firefighters Union Health and Welfare Trust"
"Shadowfax Corporation","70%","Tindall Corporation"
"Central Cambria School District","70%","Saint Marys Area School District"
"Utz Quality Foods","69%","Quality Gold"
"Fiore & Sons, Inc.","69%","Fiore & Sons"
"Seneca Companies","69%","Farmer Companies"
"Byrider Systems","69%","Bosque Systems"
"Germfree Laboratories","69%","Polaris Laboratories"
"Tahoe Douglas Fire Department","69%","Tahoe Douglas Fire Protection District"
"Northern Cambria School District","69%","Mount Union Area School District"
"Pioneer Natural Resources","67%","Liberty Resources"
"Fort Worth Firefighters Healthcare Trust","67%","Vancouver Firefighters Union Health and Welfare Trust"
"Mount Franklin Foods","67%","Mount Franklin Foods Family of Companies"
"Baber Strunk","67%","Baber Strunk Enterprises"
"Contract Lumber and Affiliates","67%","Contract Lumber"
"Industrial Sales & Manufacturing","66%","Hamill Manufacturing"
"Huntingdon County School Insurance Trust","66%","Southern Huntingdon County School District"
"Baker Rock Resources","65%","Liberty Resources"
"TrueSense Marketing","65%","TrueSense"
"Krasdale Foods Inc","65%","Goya Foods, Inc."
"Cosentino's Food Stores","65%","Balls Food Stores"
"Triad Metals International","64%","Triad Metals"
"Williams Plumbing","64%","Williams"
"Ampco-Pittsburgh Corporation","63%","Alkon Corporation"
"Housing Authority","63%","Housing Authority of the City of Erie"
"Ohio Benefits Cooperative","63%","Ohio Benefits Cooperative and Affiliated Municipalities"
"United Grinding North America","61%","Smurfit Kappa North America"
"McKesson Worker's Comp","61%","McKesson-WC"
"Elanco US, Inc","60%","Elanco"
"Auto-Chlor Services, LLC","60%","Petro Services, Inc."
"ECI-Equipment & Controls, Inc.","60%","Mark VII Equipment, Inc."
"Jasper Seating","60%","Jasper Rubber"
"Truefit Solutions, Inc.","59%","Workover Solutions"
"Hummer Consolidated Holdings","58%","Titus Transport Holdings"
"Countryside Rentals, Inc.","58%","Renewal, Inc."
"Klein New Media","58%","Merit Medical"
"Affordable Home Furnishings","58%","Affordable Rent to Own"
"Admiral Peary Vocational Technical School","58%","Admiral Peary Healthcare Consortium"
"Feintool US Operations","58%","Kent Corporation"
"Morgan Creek","56%","Morgan Creek Capital Management"
"Sac and Fox Tribe","56%","Sac and Fox Tribe of the Mississippi in Iowa"
"Masonic Charity Foundation of New Jersey","55%","Masonic Charity"
"Region XIV Service Center","55%","ROC Service Company"
"LCM Investments","52%","ILPEA Industries"
"PHB","50%","PHB, Inc."
"Youth Advocate Programs, Inc.","50%","Kutol Products Company, Inc."
"Pension Fund","50%","Pension Fund of the Christian Church"
"Global Data Consultants IT Solutions","49%","Beal Derkenne Construction"
"Hudson CSD","48%","Hudson Community School District"
"REV Broadband","47%","McGohan Brabender"
"Ryobi Die Casting USA","47%","Cambridge Christian School"