Find the Regenexx Provider Nearest You – Then Call Us.

Find your nearest provider on the map and note the name of the clinic. Then call us at 888-547-6667 for details on scheduling an appointment and ensuring coverage for your visit and treatment.

Not Within Driving Distance of a Regenexx Location? Schedule a Phone Consultation!

For patients outside of the driving distance for an office visit consultation, Regenexx Network Providers have developed a process in which a phone consultation can replace the need to travel in for the initial consult.

The patient will need the following:

  • Current MRI (If the patient does not have a current MRI they will need their primary care physician to order one.)
  • Any medical records pertaining to their injury or condition
  • All medical records must be sent to your Regenexx Network Provider
  • Once the medical records have been received by the physician, a staff member will reach out to schedule your phone consultation.
  • During the phone consultation, the Regenexx Physician will determine the patient’s candidacy for a Regenexx procedure.
  • A patient coordinator will contact the patient to schedule the procedure

If you would like to find out where your closest Regenexx Provider is located or have questions about the phone consultation process please call us.

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Self Insured Employers and Their Covered Employees

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