Regenexx Corporate Communications


We are excited to be your provider for Interventional Orthopedics and look forward to revolutionizing orthopedic care for your employees. To better serve you we want to streamline communication between the variety of parties involved in the administration of your claims. Please let us know if there is anyone else you want us to include in our communications.

Types of Communication

Performance Reports

We will reach out quarterly to provide performance reporting on utilization of procedures at Regenexx and savings. These reports will communicate the value of Regenexx to your company, and provide a guidepost for internal marketing based on utilization. We will include recommendations in our reports to continue to communicate to your employees about the Harbor View option.

Claims Processing

Our goal is for your employees to have an exceptional Regenexx experience. One thing that can create frustration is problems with claims processing (primarily on the health plan). We want to make sure that we run issues through the proper channels if we have a claims processing issue, and not pass those issue onto your employees if there were to be an issue. We recognize that this is a new process for your TPA and believe that any issue can be a good learning experience. Likewise we want your team to be able to reach out and contact us with any questions that might arise as claims start to come in.

Care Coordination

We know your company has an established way of managing workers compensation claims and we want to fit into your system. Who needs to receive progress notes on clients? What is your process for coordination with your occupational medical group?

Implementation Process

We have a marketing campaign for your employees broken into two phases. We want to contact you with new ideas to create awareness and work together to implement the right fit for your company. We will contact you with drafts and outlines of our ongoing communication strategy and look for your insights and ideas about how/when to communicate with your team.