Regenexx Benefits

Partnering with Regenexx to offer our procedures as a part of your self-funded health plan provides significant benefits to both you and to your employees. Partners experience as much as:

  • 80 percent reduction in orthopedic costs
  • 98.4 percent of patients avoided surgery
  • reduced or no impairment ratings for workers compensation claims
  • no missed work
  • reduced post-surgical care
  • FDA compliant


Listen to representatives from Meredith Corporation explain why they chose to cover procedures at Regenexx for their employees.


    Next Steps

    To find out whether how you can cover Regenexx procedures as a part of your employee benefits or workers’ compensation coverage, call us at 888-547-6667 and our corporate liaisons would be happy to guide you through the process.

    Regenexx vs Surgery

    Regenexx Procedure Traditional Surgery
    Purpose Eliminate pain and increase joint function, reduce need for addictive pain medications while repairing and regenerating damaged tissue and degenerated joints. Improve pain and function. Remove and suture injured tissue. Remove natural tissue and joints.
    How is it performed? Uses a needle to inject your natural healing cells (platelets and bone marrow Stem cells). Uses scapel, hardware, or artificial components to remove, suture or replace injured tissue.
    Invasive Less Invasive More Invasive
    Scarring No Scar Scar
    Need for Hospitilization No Yes
    Need for Pain Medications Week Months
    Need for Bracing Possibly Possibly
    Down Time/Activity Restrictions 6 Weeks 2-3 Months
    Need for Physical Therapy Twice a Week for 6 Weeks Twice a Week for 3 to 4 Months
    Lost Time from Work Less More
    Risks/Complications Less Risk More Risk
    Insurance Coverage No Yes
    Out of Pocket Cost Yes Yes
    Other options if the treatment Fails More Options Less Options

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